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What is Drywall?

A drywall is a high performance lightweight interior wall system consisting of a GI steel frame, encased in gypsum plasterboards on either side attached with self-drilling drywall screws. The joints are then taped and finished with gypsum jointing compounds.

Drywall Partition

Drywall can be used to partition any interior and are the preferred choice of construction for a range of applications, in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, theatre, and industry. They are strong and robust and can typically last the lifetime of a building unless they are subjected to abuse or alteration.

We are drywall partition contractor offering a full range of drywall partitions and dry lining systems including direct fixing, partition walls, gypsum board, plasterboard and fire rated walls in Singapore.

With a variety of different plasterboard types drywall plastering systems can provide moisture resistance and improved acoustics and fire protection.

We supply & install all commercial and residential drywall partition & dry lining systems accommodating all services and requirements for Shopping Centres, Showrooms, Factories, Hospitals, Medical Centres and Office Refurbishments.

Drywall Partition benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Sound Insulation
  • Fire Protection
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Environment Friendly

Different Types of Drywall

  • Drylining System
  • Interior Partitions
  • Performance Drywall
  • Wet Area Drywall
  • Closed Stud office partitions


Drywall also known as Plasterboard. It is used as an internal lining board to provide smooth, strong, long-lasting walls and ceilings. Its durable surface will accept most types of decorative finishing, including paint, wallpaper and texture compounds.

Gypsum Board

Standard plasterboard is made by sandwiching a layer of gypsum plaster between two thick sheets of paper. Variations to the plaster recipe can result in plasterboard sheets which are water resistant or can be used for soundproofing.