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False Ceiling Design for Commercial

Office false ceiling design can be as obvious or subtle as is needed in an office. Properly designed office fit out ceilings provide a twofold purpose: aesthetics and functionality.

We have been professionally designing and installing office ceilings for more than 10 years. We have earned the loyalty of a countless number of happy clients in Singapore.

Not only do our office ceilings provide a striking impact in the work space, they can also be used for concealing air conditioning, sound proofing, sound systems and lighting.


False Ceiling Design for Residential

False ceiling is light in weight, moisture resistant and reduces condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces. These ceilings like gypsum ceiling and gypsum board ceiling can be easily suspended from main ceiling.

False ceiling can be made from different materials including Gypsum, Mineral Fiber and Metal.

We specialize in false ceiling design & installation by creating innovative and unique designs that perfectly match the indoor setting. We offer services for the mentioned false ceiling across Singapore.


What is false ceiling?

False ceiling is a type of an artificial ceiling created as a lowered extension of the existing ceiling. Also known as drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, T-bar ceiling or ceiling grid, this type was first used only in commercial constructions. The gap between the actual ceiling and false ceiling was used to install lighting and air-conditioning vents. With time and design development, this type of ceiling has now become a part of households too. Commonly used in newly constructed homes, false ceilings are a way of adding sophistication to the indoors.

While in the commercial form this type completely blocked the actual ceiling of the building using gypsum board or steel panels, in households, a more designer form was made using Plaster of Paris (POP).

Designed in different shapes and height, the artistic look of false ceiling adds to the decor of a home.

Office Ceilings

Open plan areas or meeting rooms can benefit from smart acoustic engineering, with the right ceiling being able to minimize noise disruption and therefore boost employee efficiency and satisfaction. When it comes to your communal, recreational or even reception areas, your office ceiling can be used to create an inviting environment.

Home Ceilings

If you have high ceilings at home, these could add to the decor and let you play with lighting. These ceilings allow you to add depth to the room by showcasing the gap between high and the lowered ceiling. To add to the beauty, you could also get some interesting carvings on the higher ceiling using Plaster of Paris or POP.

False ceiling provides a host of benefits including:

  • Humidity control, useful for wash rooms, kitchens and rooms with high humidity environments
  • Improved acoustics so sound stays contained within spaces
  • Better lighting effects to enhance the looks of your environment
  • Anti-microbial properties for health care and catering to control bio contamination
  • Fire control by using the right levels of fire protection