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Plasterboard, Gypsum Board and False Ceiling is great for New homes, Renovations, Repairs, Emergency repairs, Insurance Jobs, Offices, Schools, Restaurants, Hotel and many more.

A sagging ceiling can spoil the appearance of any room in your home. The humidity experienced in many parts of Singapore can cause ordinary plasterboard ceilings to sag, especially as wider joist spacing are now more common. The incorrect use of a heavy insulating system, down lights and ceiling material can have the same effect.

Trying to decide which ceiling contractor in Singapore to use? One that will offer outstanding service, professional finished, and business integrity? Look no further than us, Singapore’s best ceiling fixers by far.

We offer the best Plasterboard Ceiling, Gypsum Board & False Ceiling installations in Singapore

We guarantee ceiling installations that are both professional and aesthetically pleasing. As the leading ceiling contractors in Singapore, we are able to offer high quality ceiling installations for commercial, new builds and renovated homes. No job is too big or small, and we had transformed both first time small homes into havens, and brought additional layers of excellence to large luxury homes as well.

We specialise in the following:

  • New Build
  • Commercial Ceilings
  • Ceiling Renovation
  • Ceiling Repair

Our teams are highly trained and experienced in installing ceilings. Our high level of problem solving and flexibility means we are much sought-after for high end work by Singapore’s builders and property developers. For professional ceiling renovations and installation that matches the high quality of your building, contact us today.